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Alia Dada

Magazine Editor

Hi, I’m Alia. I’ve been Editor for the ABWM magazine since it went digital in April 2021. I think we’ve done a pretty good job. I really do hope our members, that’s you all, like what we’ve done with it so far. Debbie very wisely said earlier, ‘our magazine is your magazine’ so please do send your contributions in. Richness of content is only possible if you share your experiences and interests with us.

A little about myself;
Many, many moons ago I worked for a newspaper and after 3 years of covering issues relating mostly to women and children, I decided to do my degree in Law, further cementing my passion for women’s rights and family law.
We moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2011, where my kids and husband immediately immersed themselves in school and work whilst I was left feeling a bit rudderless. It was in KL I discovered my love of gardening, photography and experiencing the peace and connectivity of painting. I guess feeling as though one has been severed from their roots forces one to change direction and set roots down on lands one never would have thought of in the first place.
KL is also where I adopted my cats: KitKat, Charlie and Tango. KitKat is sadly no longer with me but the three of them are responsible for the thousands of photographs on my phone gallery and the Crazy Cat Lady title being bestowed upon me by family and friends.
Five years ago I joined a brilliant and challenging group called the KL writers which reignited my passion for writing. I had forgotten how exhilarating the flow and tumble of words taking shape into stories, can be. A year after I joined I was invited to join a lovely organisation called the ABWM as the Editor of their magazine and here I am.

Alia Dada
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