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Alissa Nelson

Events Manager

Finding a home on the ABWM Committee as an American was never something I thought was possible; but home is where the heart is. Volunteering with the ABWM was one of the very first things I did when I arrived in KL back in February of 2018. New to the expat, married, and stepmom life and freshly removed from my family back in Texas, I didn’t know which way was up until I was introduced to the lovely ladies of the ABWM. Through their kindness, joyful approach to life’s hiccups, and zest for fun in the midst of anything and everything, KL started to feel like home. One thing the ABWM has helped me learn during my time here is that no matter where you go, there you are; so I joined the ABWM Committee to help create fun opportunities for all our members to enjoy their time here in Malaysia and feel connected to fellow expats.

Alissa Nelson
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