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Georgia Baker

Events Manager

I’m Georgia and I’m delighted to have accepted the position of Events Coodinator for ABWM. I’m really pleased to be working so closely with the committee to try and further our purposes of providing a network to women in Malaysia, whilst also working hard to secure fund raising for our chosen charities.

I know many of you will have been long standing members and have shown great commitment to the work of ABWM. I really hope this continues and we can develop and grow our events in Malaysia whilst we have the privilege of living here.

Many of our events have been a great success. With the help of our sponsors, we hope to continue building on our strengths of women working together in the things we want to achieve.

I’ve lived in Malaysia for a just over a year and am the lucky mum to 3 boys! I left behind a life of crime in the UK where I worked as a criminal lawyer and now spend my days, hiking, keeping fit and active, teaching and doing the best I can for my children and family. I have a keen interest in literature and writing and hope to provide you with some interesting material in our Newsletter and other publications and I really hope you'll read them and get involved!

It’s been so nice getting to know the membership and I look forward to some great events and meeting more of you soon. And, if you have any ideas about what you would like us to do for you, then please email me.

Georgia Baker
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