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Meredith Tomkovitch


Like many others, I was confident I’d be in Malaysia for 2 years and now I am heading into year 7!
I’m Meredith Tomkovitch, originally from New York, USA and have landed in Malaysia by way of Abu Dhabi and Tokyo. I work in the theme park entertainment industry and am here with my family - including 2 young children under 3. Every day is a busy one in my house.
In my previous expat assignments I’ve been very involved in local organizations with my passion being helping local charities - especially those that aren’t able to get the support from the larger donors.
In addition to ABWM I’m involved in the American Association, Malaysian Culture Group, and also a volunteer tour guide at Muzium Negara.

I look forward to the many fun events ABWM has planned for the coming year.

Meredith Tomkovitch
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