Be social, have fun, it's all for a good cause

From weekly get togethers at your local coffee shop to The British Ball,

our events team are busy behing the scenes making sure you make the best of living in KL


The role of the events manager is certainly not for the faint hearted! 


Carolyn King has been organising the Association's functions since 2019 and is responsible for coordinating every aspect; selecting venues, determining the cost, managing the set up, selecting services and catering and then event close and tear down. 

Carolyn then has to assess the overall success of the event and submit her findings to the committee. There is always so much more to consider, so top notch organisation skills are essential!

In a typical year (pre-covid) one of the biggest events of the calendar is Pink October, a lunch in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month, this is followed by the Christmas Bazaar and Christmas lunch. December is a very busy month for Carolyn.


The start of any new year means planning for the coming months activities: organising lunches and selecting various restaurants around the city to please the majority, trips to different parts of the region, for example a day out to Genting Highlands, interesting talks and workshops, the AGM and ‘tipsy tea parties’ and this is just until the end of the summer months!

After the holidays are over, (when many expats return to KL after visiting family in their home countries) the cycle starts again and the first event on the agenda is the ‘Welcome Back Lunch’ in September, closely followed by planning for Pink October.


Of course all these events are made a success by our members and their families who attend and volunteer.